The PLC integration process

front panel combo

This is a simplified overview for a JOB of rather low complexity.

Process analyzes

  • Sensor requirements
  • Actuator requirements
  • Hardware configuration

Front panel design

  • Choose Touch Screen, or
  • Choose Membrane Overlay
  • Define operator requirements
  • Design operational flowcharts
  • Verify ergonomic design rules
  • Front panel layout


  • Process flowchart design
  • Write code
  • Check performance



Our Programmable Logic Controllers are also available as Turn Key Packages, they include a diagnostic routine designed to simplify system trouble shooting. Given that most machine malfunctions are either caused by mechanical, sensor, or actuator malfunction this software is designed to diagnose exactly these areas of concern. The program is divided into three sections: Sensor diagnostic, Actuator single cycle, and Actuator run mode.

Sensor diagnostic

From the front panel each individual sensor may be selected and the on/off status of that particular sensor is automatically displayed including any configuration information assigned to this sensor. Green indicates that the sensor is in an “open” state, while red stands for “closed”.

Actuator single cycle

Each actuator may be selected from the front panel and it can be manually prompted to perform a single cycle.

Actuator run mode

An endless loop may be initiated after selecting Actuator,Frontend sensor, and Backend sensor.